Portrait mode sketch facsimile. The top half features a sketch of an elderly Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar facing the artist. The writing on the lower half says 'Your grandfather, Ramesh Babu, is an old and dear friend of mine. He is not just a school master but a fine artist too.'

Nandalal Bose, 

Portrait of Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar (Fascimile)

11 November 1955

Collection: Gitasree Dutta and Prabir Dutta

This sketch, currently in the possession of Geetasree and Prabir Dutta, was drawn by Nandalal Bose in 1955. Malini Bhattacharya, who has gifted the collection to JBMRC, recalls that her father had taken her to Mastermoshai’s house. Seated in the most unassuming manner imaginable, Nandalal had sketched and gifted this work to the young girl, telling her that their grandfather was not just a teacher but also a fine artist.

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