A postcard in the landscape mode probably drawn with brush and ink. In the foreground there are four bullocks, two sitting, two standing. There is a man with them, probably looking an agricultural worker. At the back are masses of trees, and on the right, between the vegetation, we see a scaffolding of some bamboo structure.

Nandalal Bose

Bullock Cart, Postcard to Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar from Haripura Congress Camp

Collection: JBMRC

In the spring of 1938, Nandalal Bose found himself in Haripura, Gujarat, trying to visualize the decor for the upcoming Congress session. He had been invited by Gandhi himself, who wanted the session to reflect India’s rural life. As he spent time in the villages in the Bardoli district, Nandalal interacted with the people and sketched scenes of everyday life perhaps in an effort to fall into its rhythm. In the background of this bovine landscape we see a structure under construction. Perhaps it is a part of the pavillion’s scaffolding.

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