A rectangular piece of cardboard in landscape orientation, with a piece of hand-torn paper stuck to it. It is shaped like a cormorant that is underwater. A few strokes of the pen are used to create the eye and the water around it. It is dated 23 July 1954 and captioned Posha Pankouri, or pet cormorant.

Nandalal Bose

Posha Pankouri (Pet Cormorant)

23 July 1954

Collection: DAG Museums

‘Halka-chaaler kaaj’ or ‘light-hearted creations,’ is how Nandalal would sometimes describe his more playful works. In an exercise that resembles cloud-spotting, Nandalal would tear off pieces of paper and stick them on cardboard. Then with a few delicate touches of his pen and brush, a bit of shading around the edges, he would turn it into a shape that suggested itself to his imagination. In this case, it seems to have transformed into a pet cormorant.

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