Postcard in landscape orientation. On the right we have the postage stamps and addressee details. On the left we have three sketches of a mother and child. One of them has details while the other two are abstract. There are a few boxes as well, which show different kinds of representation of perspectives - flat and deep. Presumably Nandalal is demonstrating how to draw the figures from different perspectives, at different levels of abstraction.

Nandalal Bose

Mother and Child, Postcard to Ramesh Chandra Basu Majumdar, Sunamgunj from Santiniketan

22 April 1922

Collection: JBMRC

The sketches of a mother and child using brush show Nandalal Bose experimenting with human postures and abstractions of its shape. The positioning of the figures mirrors the shapes he draws in the squares on the left. It is evident that Nandalal here is experimenting with one of his artistic concerns – representations of flatness and depth.

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