Snigdha Kumar
Graphic Arts (Print-making), Master’s

Living and studying in Santiniketan has shaped my style of working immensely. I feel inspired by nature and every minute detail of it. I guess it is no surprise that as a student of Kala Bhavan I am so drawn to the works of Nandlal Bose. The Nature-centric subjects and fluent lines are poetry for anyone who has witnessed his works and I feel lucky to have been able to be a small part of that legacy. I chose "Darjeeling" to respond to because it talks closely to my own work. I love how the details of the Himalayas are so intricately sewn together in the tiny space, creating a cool melody that can not just be seen but can also be felt and heard. For me it is a conversation of past with present, about something that both are in love with.