6.3 lisa sazonova

Elizaveta Sazonova
Graphic Arts (Print-making), Bachelor’s

The image of the sea waves in Puri drawn so simply yet movingly by Nandalal Bose struck a particular chord in me as its one of my first memories that I possess of India as a kid. I have spent my childhood there and the ocean is very dear to me as our travelling there was awaited every December, coming down from the cold mountains into the warm salty breeze. As of recent events, there will be no more travelling to that side of the coast, and all those nostalgic impressions of the warm sand, the crashing waves and the meditative orange sunsets, as well as a very innocent stage in my life, was stirred by Nandalal's drawing, so my immediate response was to that specific image. My postcard translates the feeling of the crashing wave reaching for your toes in the wet sand and the ripples in the water that are formed by rain drops, a collision of two memories, made into a simple drawing.