This is postcard flips to show the reverse. Image side: Landscape orienation. Sketch with ink or pen of a tiger looking aggressive. There is a log of wood at its feet. On the left there is Nandalal's artist seal. Written side: There is a postage stamp from Santiniketan dated 21 May 1923. There is writing on the left side and the addressee, Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar on the right.

Nandalal Bose

Postcard to Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar from Bagh

6 June 1921

Collection: JBMRC

A team of Santiniketan artists had travelled to Bagh in 1921 to copy the murals.

"It has been nine to ten days that we have come here [to Bagh], whatever we are being able to see [of the cave paintings], we are tracing them all. From tomorrow, we will begin the work with colour...Will send you some of these pictures later. Very beautiful – certainly from the same period as Ajanta."

Nandalal Bose to Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar

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