This postcard flips. Image side: Portrait orientation. The colour of the paper or board is darker than the usual signs of ageing. It shows three human faces, captioned Raja of Baroda (left), Dewan Saheb (right) and Secretary (middle). It is dated 7 February 1938, from Vithalpur. There is some scribbling at the base in Nandalal's hand. Written side: The left half has Nandalal's writing in Bengali. On the right is the addressee, Tejas Ch. Sen, of Santiniketan. The postcard is a little damaged, with some edges chipped off. There are some tapes along three edges.

Nandalal Bose

Raja of Baroda(left), Dewan Saheb (right) and Secretary (middle)

Postcard to Tejas Chandra Sen, Santiniketan, from Vithalnagar, Baroda State 

7 February 1938
Collection: DAG Museums

This postcard marks the main patrons of the princely state of Baroda, who invited Nandalal Bose to the state in 1938, hosted his stay and commissioned from a mural painting for the building, “Kirti Mandir”, which was designed as a memorial for the ruling dynasty of the Gaekwads of Baroda. Nandalal and his team painted here a mural on the Mahabharata episodes around the killing of Arjuna’s son, Abhimanyu. 

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