This postcard flips. Image side: Postcard in landscape mode. Drawn in ink with some broad and some fine strokes, is Sher Shah's mausoleum in Sasaram in Bihar, which Nandalal mistakenly spells as Sahasram. It is dated 21 February 1941. Written side: There is writing on the left in Nandalal's brush. The addressee is mentioned on the right, along with postage stamps.

Nandalal Bose

Postcard to Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar from Sasaram

21 February 1941

Collection: JBMRC

Postcard from “Sahasram”, 1941. Viewing and sketching Sher Shah’s mausoleum in Sasaram in Bihar (which Nandalal refers to as “Sahasram”) he writes – 

“...this is the pride of India, and even the pride of the world. I feel blessed to have seen it.”

Nandalal Bose to Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar

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