This postcard flips. Image side: Portrait orientation. Nandalal has drawn with pen an ink a landscape from Almora, dated 6 May 1942. There is a large coniferous tree that occupies the centre of the image, with only a few leaves in the upper half. A road suggested in soft ink lines extends towards the horizon. At the bottom, Nandalal defines the shape of a human being with a large load on their back with his pen. They are struggling and the road ahead is long. But the beauty of nature remains in focus.

Nandalal Bose

Postcard to Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar from Almora 

6 May 1942

Collection: JBMRC

From the house of Hiren Ghosh, 18 Mall Road, Almora, Nandalal writes – 

“On 4th June, the three of us, me, Masoji [Vinayak Masoji], Shanti Ghosh [Shantideb Ghosh] have arrived here on a vacation at the home of my student, Hiren. The place is nice, extremely silent, and a bit arid. The deep ravines... seeing them, the heart trembles and shivers, they appear today like a fierce and angry apparition of the benevolent Shiva.”

Nandalal Bose to Ramesh Charan Basu Majumdar

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